Letter: Cadence article on reading was inspiring

Dear Cadence Wright,

Thank you for writing and expressing your thoughts and views from a young person’s perspective. I have been reading your articles, and I am really excited about your use of words and expressions.

With emphasis on your last article, I truly appreciate your honesty about how you feel in reference to reading books. Oh, by the way, I have read the book, “Hatchet”, as well; however, I have not read “The Egypt Game”. But I plan to purchase and read it due to your enjoyment of the book thus far and my curiosity about the contents of the book.

In your article, Kids should read more than we play games, you made valid and interesting points. When I was your age, I was not quite the avid reader you are, but over time, reading became one of my favorite things to do. Presently, I read for enjoyment but also to discover new words that I am able to use in order to challenge my family and friends in word games during the Holidays.

You also said in the abovementioned article that “Reading will also grow your vocabulary”. True statement! When I was in college, one of my professors encouraged me to keep a journal of words that I do not know or understand as I read books or even when an individual uses words I have not heard. Fortunately, I have held-on to this method of word study which has increased my vocabulary knowledge tremendously.

Cadence, it is important to realize that reading will definitely benefit you in your future endeavors (I’m certain you have heard this already). I encourage you to continue to read and write-giving attention to words that you do not know by looking up their meaning(s), inditing them in a journal and sharing them with your family members.

Thanks for the information I’ve gathered from reading your articles. Remember, always listen to your parents, they really do know what’s best for you.
God bless you my child. Please let me know when you write your first book (smile).

Mrs. Lisa Wilmore

P. S. Tell your brother, Ethan, I really enjoy reading “E Man’s” words of wisdom and viewing his talented drawings, also.