Louisiana makes the best products in the world

By: Cadence Wright

This summer, my Paw Paw, is going to take me and the boy scouts around the state for our annual Summer Trip. We will travel to Monroe and Shreveport. Then, we will travel across South Louisiana ending up in New Orleans. We will learn about great places in Louisiana that many people don’t know about. Most people live here and don’t even know how many great products are made in our state. We are use to products being made in other places but there are many home products and food that we use every day, and they are made right here in Louisiana.

Tony Chachere is a seasoning salt that was made in 1972 in Southern Louisiana. My mom uses it in everything she cooks, especially on her chicken and corn. Her favorite ones are the Gumbo Seasoning and the Cajun Seasoning because it is good. You can find this seasoning in New Orleans everywhere, but they have Tony Chachere all over the world. I think some things need a lot of seasoning because it might not taste good. Add a little Tony Chachere to it, and the flavor will get a boost!

Zapp’s potato chips were made in 1985, and it was a family business. They were made on the banks of the Mississippi River. These baked potato chips are one of a kind. It’s hard to believe they are made right here in New Orleans because they sell them everywhere. You can find Zapp’s in Wal-Marts and even in the gas stations. They have many different flavors like regular, no salt, spicy, Cajun-Creole, and voodoo. I can eat these chips all day, and my Paw Paw likes them too. My favorite is spice and voodoo because they are hot.

Tabasco sauce is a hot sauce that was made in 1868. In 1863 slavery was ended and that is five years before the sauce came out. I wouldn’t be surprised if a slave came up with the recipe and never got credit for it. They did that a lot back in those days. Tabasco is hot, but it is not ghost pepper hot. I put hot sauce on chicken, fried fish, and red beans. My mom says I should stop eating all that spicy food. She says it’s bad for you, but I can’t help it. Hot sauce makes it taste better! It is still made in the same location on Avery Island in South Louisiana and is still owned by the same family. Tabasco is made in Louisiana but so is Crystal Hot Sauce and Louisiana Hot Sauce. My dad loves Crystal, but I like Tabasco.

Domino Sugar is made in Chalmette, LA. Chalmette is in the New Orleans East area. We pass by the Domino Sugar Plant all the time. It’s actually not too far from the Folgers Coffee Plant. Most people don’t even know that Folgers Coffee is made in New Orleans too. Coffee is the top-selling beverage in the world. My Granny drinks coffee like it’s water. Folgers is very popular. When you hear the commercial on the radio or see it on television, it makes you proud when people say, “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup,” because it is made right here in our state and shipped all over the world.

There are more things made in Louisiana like Gumbo and Beignets. The very first Coca Cola bottle was made in Monroe, LA. They still have a museum there in the home of the family who started it. On the summer trip, I will learn a lot more than these things, but it’s good to know how much stuff is actually made in our state. I also did not know the dates that the products were made. Some of these products have been around for a very long time. It makes you proud to know we live in a state that produces very good food and products that people use all over the world. It’s like being part of a family of success. I don’t even drink coffee but I might get some since the best part of waking up is “Louisiana” in your cup!