Man accused of hitting wife with closed fist

Henry L. McGraw of 403 Somerset Dr. was arrested Sunday for domestic abuse battery.

According to the police report officers made contact with the victim who stated that suspect (husband) arrived home at 2:30 with alcohol emitting from his breathe. Victim stated she and suspect engaged into a verbal confrontation at which time became physical. Victim stated suspect hit her multiple times in the face with a closed right fist while holding her down with the left arm/hand.

Victim informed deputy suspect stopped hitting her when she began coughing. Suspect left master bedroom and entered spare bedroom and went to sleep. Deputy made contact with suspect in spare bedroom and advised him of his Miranda rights at which he stated he understood.

Suspect stated when he arrived home at 2:30 his wife jumped on him at the front door entrance. Suspect was secured in handcuffs, placed in deputies unit, and transported to OCC where he was booked on the listed charge.