Man arrested: She wouldn’t have sex with him, he punches her and tries to take it

A Monroe man was arrested today after a woman refused to have sex with him, so he proceeded to take what he wanted. Albert Bernard Haynes was charged with Second Degree Battery, Second Degree Rape, Second Degree Robbery, Aggravated Burglary, and Resisting an Officer.

Monroe Police officers were dispatched to a residence on S. 8th Street for a report of a battery. Upon arrival, the officers met with a black female who had a large laceration to the left side of her upper eye where it was bleeding. The woman was also complaining of severe abdominal and rib pain. She stated that her boyfriend Albert Haynes entered her house without permission while she was sleep. She stated that Haynes attempted to have sex with her but she refused.

According to the officer, the woman stated that Haynes started to pull her pants down and she told him multiple times to stop. The woman stated that Haynes became aggressive by punching her multiple times and attempting to pull her pants down. She stated she attempted to call 911 and when Haynes saw that he punched her in the face and took her phone. She stated that Haynes stated “Bit!@ YOU GOING TO CALL THE POLICE?” Haynes then punched her in the face causing a laceration.

When officers approached Haynes at his residence, he ran from officers jumping out of the back window where he was taken into custody. The woman was transported to St. Francis for treatment.

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