Man booked for murder of friend, bloodstains on wall, ceiling

A Monroe man has been booked on charges of second-degree murder after he came to the Police Department and reported that he and the victim had a fight that resulted in the victim’s death.

According to police reports, Jakeno Frantae Andrews, of 2812 1/2 Calypso Street, was charged with second-degree murder Wednesday. The name of the victim was withheld.

The police report of the incident said on Tuesday, May 14, Andrews reported to police that he was at 2812 1/2 Calypso St. when his friend showed up at his residence, and the friend had been beaten up. When police arrived at the Calypso Street address, they found the victim dead. When MPD detectives arrived on scene Andrews exited a marked patrol unit and ran away from the area and officers were unable to locate him.

A search warrant was obtained for the residence for crime scene purposes. Officers observed that the residence had been recently mopped, and the floor was still wet. The report said there was blood splatter on the walls and ceiling.

The report said the victim’s body appeared to have numerous puncture wounds that were fresh and bleeding.

According to the police report, Wednesday, May 15, 2019, Andrews came to the Police Department and told police that he and the victim had an altercation on Tuesday the 14th. Andrews said the victim punched him real hard in the face about ten times.

Andrews said that he pushed the victim in causing the victim to fall and hit his head. Andrews said he called an ambulance for the victim and tried to save him.

The report said Andrews had cuts on his hand and he denied stabbing or hitting the victim with anything. Andrews said that he does not know where the puncture wounds on the victim came from, but he did not murder the victim.