Massey Miracle Run: Tops the Charts Once Again!

On to the NEXT ONE!

Massey Miracle Run is non-profit foundational organization founded on the basis of youth growth in track and field. The team is under the leadership of Coach DeeDee Massey, Coach Charles Smith, Coach Davey Mays, Coach Ethan Howell, Coach Frankie Harris, and Coach Kecal Johnson.

Youth of Massey Miracle Run come from many parts of Northeast Louisiana such as Monroe, West Monroe, Bastrop, Winnsboro, Rayville, The Dream Team competed in the USTAF Southern Association Junior Olympics Championships.

The events took place June 24-26, 2017 in McComb, Mississippi.

All athletes listed below have placed in the top 8 for their event and will progress to the next level in Huntsville, Alabama July 7-9, 2017.

In the Javelin Event, Tedrick Reitzell Jr. (7th Place, 18.36m); Jakeem Reitzell (1st Place, 29.26m); Keyden Reitzell (5th Place, 11.51m) .

In the Discus Event, Joya Langham (3rd Place, 23.06m).

In the Longjump Event, Keyden Reitzell (5th Place, 2.98m); Sha’Kia Browhow (6th Place, 3.34m).

In the Shot-Put Event, Joya Langham (8th Place,7.17m).

In the 3000 Meter Run Event, Nautica Caldwell (1st Place, 13:27.39); Jaylen Wade (3rd Place, 11:12.92); Desmond Johnson (1st Place, 10:05.98).

In the 1500 Meter Run Event, Traymond Wright (1st Place, 5:05.33s); Nautica Caldwell (1st Place, 5:55.38s); Jakiya White (1st Place, 5:07.45s); Jacaleb Dorsey (3rd Place, 4:53.58s); Jaylen Wade (6th Place, 4:55.91s); Desmond Johnson (3rd Place, 4:31.33s); Javier Johnson (4th Place, 4:31.84s).

In the 800 Meter Run, Nautica Caldwell (5th Place, 2:46.96); Traymond Wright (2nd Place, 2:28.57); Jakiya White (3rd Place, 2:31.63); Javier Johnson (5th Place, 2:07.88).

In the 100 Meter Dash, Zaylin Singleton (8th Place, 14.69q); Chelsea Woodward (5th Place, 14.05q); Brandon Hollins (3rd Place, 11.16q); Zaylin Singleton (8th Place, 14.69q); Rudyard West Jr. (1st Place, 16.28s); Kenneth Mitchell (4th Place, 15.57q); Zaiden Robinson (1st Place, 14.60q); Kentavious Griffin (3rd Place, 13.99q). In the 200 Meter Dash, Rudyward West Jr. (1st Place, 36.72); Zaiden Robinson (1st Place, 30.04); Kenneth Mitchell (2nd Place, 31.37); Chelsea Woodward (5th Place, 28.82); Brandon Hollins (6th Place, 25.24).

In the 400 Meter Dash, Zachary Jackson (8th Place, 1:06.45); Chelsea Woodward (3rd Place, 1:07.45) Jerome Dennis (2nd Place, 49.83). In the 110 Meter Hurdles, Jacaleb Dorsey (4th Place, 20.60).

In the 200 Meter Hurdles, Kieara Matthews (34.15). In the Racewalk Event, Delasia Toston (1st Place, 10:38.06); Sha’Kia Browhow (1st Place, 10:05.16).

In the 4×400 Meter Relay, Kentavious Griffin, Jayden Reed, Jakeem Reitzell, & Zachary Jackson (1st Place, 4:30.00, RECORD BREAKING TIME); Kayla Mays, As’hunna Warren, Nautica Caldwell, & Cortazja Perry (2nd Place, 5:03.32); Ny’Kessia Knight, De’Andria Carter, JaKyra Langham, & Jakiya White (3rd Place, 4:22.14); Jaylen Wade, Melvin Dugar, Devin Edwards, & Jacaleb Dorsey (5th Place, 3:44.76).

In the 4×100 Meter Relay, Kentavious Griffin, Jayden Reed, Jakeem Reitzell, & Zaylin Singleton (2nd Place, 54.79); Tyler Brown, Davey Mays II, Joshua Mitchell, &Traymond Wright (1st Place, 57.70); Kayla Mays, As’hunna Warren, Nautica Caldwell, & Cortazja Perry (4th Place, 56.20); La’Vant Daniels, Luther Reed, Anthony Smith Jr., & Devon Johnson (3rd Place, 47.53); Brandon Hollins, Jerome Dennis, Melvin Dugar, & Devonte Brown (7th Place, 53.16); Ny’Kessia Knight, Kiana Johnson, JaKyra Langham, & Jakiya White (3rd Place, 50.74). BREAKING RECORD TIMES were completed during the 4×400 Meter Relays.

We are extremely proud of the hard work and dedication each and every youth has put forth in making themselves and our community know that great things do come from perseverance and strength. If anyone would like to contribute to the continuous growth of our youth, Massey Miracle Run would greatly appreciate it.

Please contact Coach Massey at (318) 557-4276 or Coach Charles Smith (318) 537-0220. Thank you to all the supporters and helpers that motivate our children to prosper.