Mayo should prove his fake news claim

By: Dwight Vines


Dear Editor,

According to the local media, Mayor Mayo says the report that Monroe is the nation’s most dangerous city is false and “fake news.”

Mayor Mayo defines any news which he considers to place him in a negative light as “fake news” and he always vows that he is going to prove the “fake news” is incorrect. For example, when the US census found that the population of Monroe had fallen below 50,000 Mayo announced that the census people were wrong and he would prove it.

Like many of his announced goals, he did not accomplish this one either.

One reason that Mayo thinks this crime report is inaccurate is that it includes the entire Monroe Metro area including places like Lakeshore, Town and Country, etc. and he believes this distorts the numbers.

To the contrary, the crime rate in the metro area is lower than the crime rate in the city of Monroe.

Mayor Mayo seems to think that including per capita crime statistics from communities such as Lakeshore in the Monroe Metro area statistics makes the numbers worse.

he correct impact of these numbers may be too complicated for him.

We can all look forward to Mayor Mayo’s letter indicating his “disdain for this inaccurate report.”

Perhaps he will explain how the FBI got the numbers wrong in this report. Maybe it was the results of “Russian collusion.”

For years, the City of Monroe, has received grades of D’s and F’s in Health, Education, Economy, Housing, etc.

Perhaps all these bad ratings are just fake news.

The only factors on which Monroe consistently gets grades above a D are “cost of living” and “weather.”

Low cost of living reflects the large number of people living in poverty and is not entirely positive.