Metro Monroe violent crime victims and suspects have names

   Since 2011 the number of violent crimes that resulted in murder or attempted murder charges has risen dramatically. Recently the FBI’s official data listed crimes in local communities across the nation and compared them. Among cities the size of Monroe, citizens have a 1 and 33 chance of being the victim of a violent crime. That puts Monroe at the top of the list.

  On March 12, 2018 USA Today listed the 25 most dangerous places to live in the United States, and Monroe Louisiana is listed as number 1. Neighborhood Scout a website that rates safe communities listed the 100 most dangerous cities in America and Monroe, Louisiana was listed as number 1. The RoadSnacks website rates Monroe as the most dangerous city in Louisiana for 2018.

  Some cities listed as dangerous are rolling up their sleeves to change conditions.

  Others are denying that their cities are violent and point fingers.

  Monroe paid a private consultant $25,000 to advise the administration on actions to take to reduce overall crime. The city’s public relations department reported that the company gave the city no written documents, emails or digital reports, but had a face to face meeting. The city also convened several sessions in which citizens brainstormed about changes, but the city made no changes in its budget or direction to respond to suggestions. It fizzled and is now barely functional.

 This week the mayor announced that reports in the national media that Monroe is the most dangerous city of its size in America are all “Fake News.” The new police Chief Eugene Ellis now reports that crime in Monroe is down since he became the chief because police officers have higher morale now and are doing their jobs as opposed to just going to work.

The mayor said he would produce data to show that the FBI information, which is the basis of the reports, is incorrect. To date, that data has not been produced. The FBI’s data was supplied by the Monroe Police Department.

  The reality is there are real victims behind the statistics. There is a real crime problem. The attached list is a short list of persons charged with murder or attempted murder in the Metropolitan Monroe area. The overwhelming majority of those listed were charged by the Monroe Police Department.


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