Monroe Police avoid gun use, tased man several times after he resisted

What could have ended in a deadly scene ultimately ended up with a Monroe man only being transported to the hospital and later booked at OCC. Monroe Police officers Sgt. Randy Adams and Officer Crum avoided using their guns and opted for their tasers after a Monroe man resisted them during an investigation whom they claim became violent and took an aggressive stance. Walter Benjamin Glass, Jr. was booked on four counts including unattended motor vehicle, resisting a police officer with force, battery of a police officer, and possession of PCP.

Sgt. Adams responded to an abandoned vehicle on N. 6th and K Street on July 1, 2017. It was located on N. 6th at Erin, unoccupied, and in the middle of the roadway. During the investigation, the officer was approached by a black male identified as Walter B. Glass, Jr. who stated that the vehicle belonged to him. According to the police, Glass was sweating from his facial area, and his shirt was also wet with sweat. Glass was incoherent, and was unable to perform simple requests from the officer. Due to his actions and appearance, Glass appeared to be under the influence of some type of CDS. When asked for his drivers license, Glass attempted to get into the drivers side of the vehicle, stating he was leaving.

The officer grabbed Glass by his arm and had to physically remove him from the vehicle. In doing so, Glass began to resist, and refuse to place his hands behind his back as instructed. According to the officer, Glass continued on several occasions to push officers away from him, in order to escape. Both officers on the scene administered a drive stun from their tasers, with no effect on Glass. While in the roadway, an officer was able to secure one handcuff on Glass who then pushed both officers off of him at the same time and stood up in the roadway, and according to the officer, took an aggressive fighting stance toward the officers.

Sgt. Adams stated that he deployed his taser, which had a limited effect on Glass. The other officer also had to deploy his taser, which disabled Glass to the point where he was detained. During the vehicle inventory, prior to it being towed, a cigar was located in the ashtray, which appeared to be wet half way up the cigar. It also contained a green leafy substance, and had a strong chemical smell. The officer noted that Glass had a strong chemical odor emitting from his person during the incident. The chemical on the cigar is believed to be PCP, according to the officer. Glass was transported by AMR to University Health for medical treatment, prior to being booked at OCC.

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