Monroe police set up “transaction safe place” for social media exchanges

  If you buy and sell on social media, the Monroe Police Department is providing a safe place for both parties to make exchanges.

  The Monroe Police Department would like to remind citizens to take advantage of the “Transaction Safe Place” parking spots located at 700 Wood street. The two parking areas are directly in front of the 700 Wood Street police station and allow online sellers to meet with buyers and swappers in a controlled environment rather than meeting in an unfamiliar location where anything can happen.

  The “Transaction Safe Place” parking spots were dedicated for citizens to use in order to meet with buyers and sellers in a safe location. A common problem related to web-based sales with a person-to-person element are sellers being shortchanged when the buyer arrives and hands over money and leaves with the product immediately. Other investigations have included the passing of counterfeit bills for an item or the buyer taking the item and running away. The MPD ask that citizens be very cautious of meeting sellers or buyers in unfamiliar places to conduct transactions. We ask citizens to take advantage of the Transaction Safe Place parking spots located at the MPD.