Murder suspect & girlfriend charged with hammer murder in West Monroe

It seemed like a scene from a horror movie, but the reports that a man in West Monroe beat another man in the head with a hammer, wrapped his body in a rug and dumped it in an alley were true; so true that it is still hard to believe.

Last week West Monroe pollice  arrested two people in connection with the death of a West Monroe man who was killed with a hammer after an argument over an alleged break-in.

The police filed a report that detailed their version of the events. According to West Monroe Police Lester Jaye Ramsey, 20, was charged with the murder of Cadarrion Buggs, 20.  Buggs was reported missing in February.

Ramsey’s girlfriend, Journei Tylyia Cyrus was also arrested for her part in covering up the murder, police say.

Police say Buggs was last seen on February 20. While investigating the case, Police learned Ramsey had been with Buggs on the last day he was known to be alive. The WPD found Ramsey on March 4th and after interrogation, Ramsey said he was at Bugg’s home, but didn’t know what happened to him.

With a search warrant in hand, police found signs that a violent crime took place at a home in the 900 block of Austin Street. When contacted again, Ramsey then told police that he got into an argument with Buggs. The suspect had an unreported break-in and thought Buggs was involved, police say.

Ramsey reportedly told police that he hit Buggs in the head with a hammer multiple times, killing him. He said he then wrapped Buggs’ body in a rug and dumped it in a Monroe alley. Police say Buggs’ body was found on the south side of Monroe. Police say Ramsey admitted to cleaning his home to cover up the crime. Ramsey was booked into the Ouachita Correctional Center on charges of second-degree murder and obstruction of justice.

Police charged Cyrus because she was reportedly present when the murder happened, when the house was cleaned and was there the morning after the murder while the victim was still in the home.

Cyrus was charged with second-degree murder and obstruction of justice.