Music is life

By: Cadence Wright

Music has changed a lot over the years. In the 70’s, a lot of music was about social issues. The songs were about standing up for yourself and have a voice. Back then, they had live bands.

People played horns, drums, and guitars and they had to know how to really sing. There was no auto-tune on their voices like they use today to make you sound good. Many of today’s singers would not have survived back then.

In the 80’s, music was very weird. They were flashy and everything looked weird. I saw videos on youtube of people in the 80’s. Man, y’all needed help. Weird hairstyles and crazy sounding songs. They all wanted to be robots or something.

The music was very computerized. There were no real instruments. No horns. No drums. No guitars. All the music came from synthesizers. The music also changed the people too. It changed how they dressed and acted. In the 70’s it was very soulful but in the 80’s, people lost their minds. All they wanted to do was party.

In the 90’s, Hip-Hop became really popular. When Hip-Hop really took over everybody wanted to rap instead of sing. From what I have heard, rap music in the 90’s was very violent. 2pac and Biggie were probably the greatest rappers of all time but they were both killed because of rap violence. They also cussed a lot in their music too. Every other word was a word I would get popped in the mouth for saying. It’s no wonder so many grown people cuss today. That’s all they heard growing up.

My daddy says there were some good rappers in the 90’s too. He says Goodie Mob and Outkast were his favorite rappers when he was young and both of them had good messages in their music. It was also in the 90’s that New Orleans Music took over the world. Cash Money and No Limit became the wealthiest rap labels in America and they both came out of Louisiana.

My Granny says today’s music sounds like trash. I disagree. I think our music is a combination of all the past years. Today’s artists have mixed fan bases. There are rappers who sing and singers who rap. There are Black people singing country music and White people rapping. My favorite rapper is Logic because I listen to him without a clean version and he is a positive rapper. If you look back throughout life music has been our voice and it has been the glue that keeps life exciting. There are some songs we need to turn up and there are some songs we need to just turn off!