My Dad likes the 90s, he can keep them

By: Cadence Wright

The ’90s were probably fun! My dad always talks about the ’90s. He showed me videos and photos of basketball games of Michael Jordan and weird looking clothes. He also let me hear some of the music of the ’90s as well. The ’90s was a different time, and some activities were cool, and the others did not seem interesting.

In the ’90s, basketball was popular. Micheal Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Kobe Bryant were legends in the NBA. I saw Youtube videos of Jordan and Johnson, but I’ve seen Kobe play on live TV.

Everybody wanted to be like Jordan then; today his fans, many of whom never saw him play, wear his shoes. On Johnson’s video, I like to watch his famous “No look” pass. If I lived in the ’90s, I would like to have seen all of them play live.

There were many movies and many television broadcasts that were popular. Two of the biggest films in the ’90s were the Titanic and the Lion King. Usually, Black families on TV were not shown positively.

In the ’90s, The Cosbys and Fresh Prince were rich, which showed the world that being Black was not always about being poor. In the 90s, there weren’t many positive images of Black fathers. Bill Cosby showed the world he was a good father to try to help his kids, and he was there for them. Black Television shows like the ones in the ’90s are still needed today. I like watching some broadcasts from the ’90s because they were different what from we see today.

People wore some weird looking clothing and hairstyles in the ’90s. Many African-Americans wore their hair in “bowl” cuts in the ’90s, and today it seems that many people are doing it all over again. A lot of name brands of the ’90s are gone, but a few of them are trying to come back. They are trying to bring Fila and Vans back. I don’t like all the styles from the ’90s, but I do like Vans. Some brands leave for a while, and they return years later. So, some clothes from the ’90s are cool like Vans.

So when I ride in the car with my dad, and he talks about old songs, sports heroes, movies and TV from his day, it’s not all bad. I like some parts of the ’90s, and other parts should stay in the past. If I could time travel, I would go back to the ’90s and look around, but I wouldn’t want to live in my dad’s day.

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