New law exempts more students from paddling

Unruly students can still be paddled in Louisiana public schools, but a new law now excludes disabled students, and students with special 504 accommodations.
The new law Act 266 of the Louisiana Legislature makes it a crime for schools in Louisiana to paddle special students, but others can still be paddled according to state rules.
The law was signed into effect by Governor John Bell Edwards.
Under present law local school boards have discretion in the use of corporal punishment for
students and requires the boards to adopt rules and regulations to implement and control its
The new law now prohibits the administration of corporal punishment to students with
exceptionalities (except gifted and talented students) and to students who are eligible for
services under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and who have an Individual
Accommodation Plan.
Further, makes present law and proposed law applicable to charter
The new law defines “corporal punishment” as using physical force to discipline a student
with or without an object. It provides that corporal punishment includes hitting, paddling,
striking, spanking, slapping, or any other physical force that causes pain or physical
However, the new law does not include: The use of reasonable and necessary physical restraint of a student to protect the
student or others from bodily harm or to obtain possession of a weapon or other
dangerous object from a student.
It also does not include the use of seclusion and restraint as provided in present law for students with
In many at-risk student populations, students with ADHD and 504 accommodations are a percentage of discipline problems in school districts.