No Crying at the Barber Shop

In the past, Jackson McDowell dreaded going to the barber shop. He screamed, cried and struggled so much that it was all barbers could do to just cut off as much hair as they could without doing much damage.

Going to the barber shop was a virtual wrestling match. He was afraid of the clippers.

That was then.

Saturday, when his father Jamaekavieski McDowell, prepared to take his sons to the barber shop, he had a heart to heart talk with four year old Jackson about growing up and acting like a man. He looked at his dad and promised not to cry.

The talk worked because Saturday he sat in the waiting chairs next to his father at Cile’s Barber Shop and watched Joe Taylor cut others before him.

Joe was prepared for the wrestling match because Jackson was a regular. He remembered him and was prepared.

However, Joe was surprised when he called for Jackson. The little Shelling Elementary student ran for the chair with a big smile on his face. Little Jackson climbed into the barber’s chair, sat on the box, grinned and smiled.

The clippers whined. The hair fell to the floor, but Jackson never stopped smiling, showing all of his pearly whites.

He looked at his dad and grinned. He was learning to be a man. No more crying in the barber’s chair.

Jackson has many lessons to learn about being a man; he has a father who plans to show him the ropes every step of the way.

Jackson is the son of Misty Marshall. He is the grandson of the late Donnis McDowell and the great grandson of Claudine McDowell.

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