Online Poll: Oprah should not run for President

  An overwhelming number of Free Press readers believe Oprah Winfrey should not run for President of the United States.

  Several weeks ago, Winfrey made an acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards that created a buzz about whether she planned to make a run for the presidency in 2020. Winfrey has denied any plans to run and has said flat out that she will not run.

  Her decision seems to run along the lines of an online poll of Free Press readers in which 62 percent indicated that she should not run for President, while 38 percent thought she would be a great candidate.

  Of the total respondents who opposed a possible presidential run, most (33%) said she is a billionaire businesswoman and entertainer who should stick to what she knows best. Another 29 percent pointed to the fact that politics is an ugly game that would ruin her reputation if she chose to run. 

  Among those who favored her presidential run some said her success as a billionaire businesswoman qualifies her (24 percent) and another 14 percent thinks she should run to “Make America Great Again.”