Our generation will need a second or third language

Todays’ teen needs to learn multiple languages; at the very least two.

I am studying two languages outside English because learning new languages will be beneficial for future jobs or even helping people out.

A bi-lingual job applicant has an advantage because not everyone can or speaks more than one language. A multi-lingual applicant will have an advantage because most jobs will take you because you have a skill their company needs.

Multi-national corporations may want to hire you to translate things for them. Or you could even transcribe messages, television shows that are in other languages, websites, names of products, and much more.

Then again you could learn a new language to just make a new friend or at least understand what people are saying to you in different countries. Unlike our parents, our generation is exposed to people of many cultures and nationalities. Many of our friends and acquaintances will be people of other races. Languages such a Spanish, Chinese, or French will definitely be useful.

There are many travelers that often go places without knowing how to speak the language which I consider a not-so-smart move. For example, let’s say you’re in Sweden and there’s trouble. Someone yells “Hey dude there’s danger over there.” Everyone runs and shouts help or gives instructions but you don’t understand what they are
saying. Sure you could probably figure that from their body language but what if you were turned around? You’d think it’s just a random person goofing off with their friends right. However, if you knew the language you’d be able to tell what’s going on right? Of course you would.

Besides, it’s not just the danger of not knowing. When you are alien to a country you could probably try to buy something with the currency you had exchanged with your money and then come to find out that you don’t know the currencies. You can easily be jipped because you don’t know what’s going on and most likely don’t understand. It’s too easy to be cheated when you don’t know the language.

We can learn languages in a classroom or we can learn phrases using apps such as: Babble, Memrise, Rosetta Stone, and Pimsler. These are quick substitutes, but they can help us get some semblance of understanding.

If you don’t know a second language, it’s never too late and you can always become a second language learner.

“Eso es todo hasta la próxima semana.” (That’s all until next week).