Paying bills will drive you crazy!

By: Cadence Wright

Kid don’t know how much bills cost. Bills cost a lot of money and if you don’t pay your bills you will lose the very things which make your life comfortable. If you don’t pay your rent, you get evicted out of your house or apartment. Then, you become homeless. Some bills are not very high but most people pay more than $2000 per month on bills. Kids don’t have to pay bills but when I look at all the bills my parents have to pay I don’t ever want to deal with bills.

I think the electricity bill is the most important bill. In our house we watch TV a lot. We get on our phones and computers all day. At some point your phone has to charge. That uses electricity. There are four phones in our house. My brother and I also play on the Xbox. That’s more electricity. Sometimes we sleep with the TV and lights on. I’m sure that makes the light bill go up. The plugs in the wall is a part of the electric bill. Everything takes electricity. The refrigerator, the freezer, the stove, the microwave, lamps… almost everything in the house takes electricity. Many times I accidentally sleep with the TV on and my parents get mad because they say the bills get higher.

The water bill is the most useful bill in my opinion. If you didn’t have water the refrigerator won’t be cold enough to make ice. Water is used to balance the A.C system. Everything in your bathroom uses water. Imagine what your house would smell like if the toilet had no water to flush! Without water you can’t brush your teeth or take baths. The water bill goes up because you leave the water running. Sometimes, people start the shower and wait 5 minutes before they even get in. That’s a waste of water. The dishwasher and washing machine takes water. People use their washing machine to wash one or two shirts. That’s a waste of money. You’re supposed to wait until you have a full load!

Car notes are expensive bills too. People have to pay for the car but they also have to pay for car insurance. They also have to pay for gas in the car. If the car breaks down, not only do you have to pay the note and the insurance but you also have to pay to get if fixed. You have to pay for oil changes, flat tires, and even to get it washed. Cars cost so much you’d do better to just cat h Ubers all day.

Kids need to know. When your parents say no to something that you want there is a reason why. Maybe it’s because they don’t have the extra money for it. Bills will make you pull your hair out and I dont even have any yet. When I get my first job I am not paying for a car note. I will just ride my bike to work.