Phase 2 business reopening to begin June 5th

Governor Edwards announced that the state will move to Phase 2 for reopening on Friday, June 5th. Here are a few of the changes that Phase 2 Reopening brings:
Allows businesses that have been operating at just 25% capacity during phase one to increase their capacity to 50%. This includes:

• restaurants and bars that serve food.
• Churches
• barbershops
• casinos
• gyms
• retail establishments

Phase two will allow limited reopening of bars that do not serve food, day spas, tattoo and massage parlors, children’s museums, swimming pools, bowling alleys, skating rinks, and event centers.

Bars will be limited to just 25% capacity and patrons will be required to be seated at tables so as to enforce distancing.

Under phase two, those at high risk for developing serious complications from COVID-19—including anyone over age 65 and those with preexisting conditions—are encouraged to continue to stay home.

Governor Edwards stressed it is important that businesses and their patrons continue to practice social distancing and other risk mitigation measures like wearing masks.