Presidents, reparations, and ACT programs

Hi Cadence,

I read your last three articles and I totally agree with almost everything you had to say. In “If Kids Ruled the World,” you wrote about kids being presidents and what qualities the kids should have when they enter the election. And I agree when you point out that some kids are more open-minded than some adults. Some adults think they know it all and don’t and won’t give someone younger than them an opportunity to explain their thoughts or opinions. It also stood out when you said, “I think a president has to be old enough to make big decisions on the spot and young enough to embrace a change.” I agree but he or she also needs intelligence and honesty.

I also read your article about all Black people getting checks for our ancestor’s free work during slavery. That story reminded me of the famous people scamming to get their kids into top colleges and universities by paying lots of money to cheat on the A.C.T. What is your opinion about that and what should we do about it?

My mom and I decided they should put the same amount of cash without conditions into academic programs and A.C.T. and S.A.T programs where kids who really want to go to school can benefit. Imagine what millions of dollars would do for Top Gun Time Travelers with your granddad, STEM NOLA with Dr. Mackie, the Timbuktu Academy at Southern University, the 100 Black Men of Baton Rouge’s ACT Camp, and The Refinery Youth Project in Amite! Man, we can do a lot with just Aunt Becky’s $15 million. Don’t you think?

In your last article, “Art is All Around Us,” I liked how you pointed out the Harlem Renaissance because I’ve learned a lot about that in school and orchestra. It’s when the North/New York had a BOOM of arts and color. I think when I grow up I am going to be a literary artist, too, because I am writing books, short stories, and articles in newspapers. My mom is also a literary artist because she edits books and coaches authors. My sister is a culinary artist because she likes making cakes and pies. YUMMY! My big brother is a visual artist because he takes great photos.

From: Yulani Semien