NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN BY THE HOUSING AUTHORITY OF THE CITY OF MONROE, LOUISIANA, that Public Hearings shall be held in the Community Room, Frances Tower, located at 300 Harrison Street, Monroe, Louisiana, on May 8th, 2019, at 5:00 o’clock p.m. for the purpose of obtaining the views and comments of Public Housing and Housing Voucher residents, local government officials, and interested citizens in the proposed ACOP & Agency Plan; as required by LSA R.S. 39-1304-1308. Changes will include the institution of the Section 8 Homeownership Program.

The following items will be discussed:
1. Proposed Agency Plan change.
2. Proposed ACOP Plan change.

Comments will be accepted orally at the above time and place or written by mail or personal service at the Monroe Housing Authority, 300 Harrison Street, Monroe, Louisiana 71201.

Frank Wilcox,
Executive Director

Anyone who is disabled or requires special services should contact the Monroe Housing Authority at (318) 388-1500, Extension 302.

RUN: March 21, 2019
March 24, 2019
March 31, 2019