Richwood goes to the dome! It’s Ram Fever

Community excited for Cinderella Team that has excited renewed hope for those who have been counted out in life. 

   For 27 seniors its the culmination of years of working together since Jr. High.

  The Richwood Rams are on their way to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome to compete for the state champion and the entire Monroe Community is rallying behind the super team that will be the only North Louisiana Team competing for a championshipship Friday in New Orleans.

  The Rams will compete for the Class 3A football championship at the dome as the Rams bring its tightly knit team to play under the dome.

  The magic the Rams will bring to the dome has been made by a full roster of the state’s most outstanding players, and for 27 seniors who have been playing together since they were in Jr. High School.

  The excitement is reaching fever pitch


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