Ro Wright and sons featured on new Reality TV Series

Rarely is fatherhood promoted in today’s entertainment industry but maybe things are evolving. Congo TV Network recently endorsed a series which features Ro Wright and his sons. This Is How We Do It is already the most viewed show on the network reaching thousands of viewers in its first two weeks. Wright was approached by several of the board members of the network who felt the company needed to merge his personal base with the growing TV brand. Wright only agreed to participate in a show if he could control the screenplay and the presentation. Georgia Real Estate Leader and Monroe native, Patrick Davis, pitched the idea and pledged to partner with Gerald Wright (Co-Founder of Congo TV Network) as the show’s Executive Producer. Both Patrick and Gerald believed in the idea of reaching families and sharing the Congo vision with Ro’s personal fanbase.

Ro Wright is still known by many in Louisiana as “Daddy Ro”. For over 20 years he was a popular Radio Personality in the Monroe and Shreveport area. He and his family moved to New Orleans in 2009 where he has been working to build various organizations and charitable efforts across the state of Louisiana. He has become a bridge between North Louisiana and South Louisiana political, clergy, and business leaders.

‘This Is How We Do It’ features Ro raising his sons as entrepreneurs. Every episode highlights The Wrights interacting with each other at local events and family outings embraced with very colorful and hilarious commentary from the kids. “Patrick has been pushing me to do this show for almost a year now. We felt the time was right and luckily my wife supported the idea or I would be on the couch. Truly she runs the house!”, said Ro in a recent interview. While Sandria, his wife, is featured on several episodes the show uniquely surrounds the relationship Ro has with his sons. Sandria Wright actually helps by directing a few of the episodes. “We know there is a lack of shows highlighting fatherhood and if we could help change the negative narratives that we are so commonly shown about Black fathers we are compelled to do so,” said Ro. “I grew up with Ro as a mentor and I know first hand the affect he has on youth and more importantly other men. I hope this show provokes men to spend time with their families and commit to being more engaged in their kids’ growing years,” Patrick explained.

Ro spends most of the show defending himself from the names thrown at him by his sons. They hilariously call him, “old” and “fat” and “out of touch”. Cadence, the eldest son (12), makes it known that he has to be paid for everything he does. Ethan, the youngest son (11), often plays pranks on his dad and he finds ways to get under his dad’s skin… on purpose. Ro, advocate for all HBCU’s, wears a different HBCU t-shirt on every episode to raise support of HBCU Culture but Ro leans towards Southern University a little more than the others because of his personal and family ties to the university. On one episode, Cadence announces he is going to Southern to be an Engineer when he graduates High School. Ethan secretly planned to make his dad mad. So, when he was asked what school he wanted to attend he proudly responded, Grambling!” The whole episode became a non-stop hilarious war between the dad and the son who wants to go to Grambling!

The Wright’s have filmed eight episodes already which will run well over into the summer. Watch as they take on Jazzfest, Strawberry Fest, Easter, School Issues, Addiction to Video Games, 90s R&B vs Today’s R&B, HBCUs, Dieting, Vitiligo, and most importantly, Family Time. Season 1 will conclude with the boys attending their annual Boy Scout Trip and a feature at this year’s Essence Music Festival. This Is How We Do It is available for free on the Congo TV Network Youtube Channel. The subscription to watch is free and Youtube is now available on all Smart TVs for free.