School fights have consequences

By: Cadence Wright

Bullying has become a real problem. Kids are afraid to go to school because of bullying. Some kids have even committed suicide because of bullying. As much as people try to talk about it the worse it seems to get. Some kids just do not value life. It doesn’t matter how much you try to point out the consequences of bullying they are still going to tease other kids, pick on them, and make them feel like they don’t matter.

On March 25 a ten-year-old girl in South Carolina died after a fight in her 5th-grade classroom. The news reported she was airlifted to a hospital that was 50 miles away from her school. Raniya Wright died and her family will never be the same. Her family’s attorney said altercations against Raniya happened on a regular basis. It means she was being picked on and bullied. Either nobody paid attention or either they didn’t take it seriously. Anytime a student is being bullied it should be taken seriously.

The student who was in the fight with Raniya was suspended from school while they are investigating the case. I don’t think a suspension is good enough. If the student indeed caused Raniya to die then that student should be expelled. I don’t think the death was intentional but anytime you fight someone you have to be prepared for all the consequences of what you are doing.

Fights break out all the time in schools. Most of the time people aren’t trying to kill each other but accidents may happen during the fight and you will be responsible for it.

I think the aggressor needs to go to jail for murder. We still don’t know what happened because they haven’t released a report yet but if this fight went like most fights we all know how it went.

One person is beating up the other person and even though students and teachers are trying to break it up they keep fighting anyway. I don’t know either of the students but if someone killed me in a school fight I wouldn’t want that person to walk around freely and I didn’t get a chance to live my life. So, that person needs to spend the rest of their life in jail. Fair is fair. If you take a life then you give up the rest of your life.

Kids need to feel important. We have to feel included and accepted. Bullying only works against kids who are already insecure about themselves or either they can’t defend themselves. They appear weak and other kids pick on them. I believe there is a reason behind everything. There is a reason why some kids are shy and quiet. There is a reason why some kids don’t have the latest name brands. There is a reason why some kids stay to themselves and don’t have many friends. We don’t know what any person is going through and it’s not our place to hurt them because we don’t like them or don’t understand their life. People need to learn to keep their hands to themselves. Don’t do anything to someone else that you wouldn’t want to be done to you.

I pray Raniya’s family can get justice for what happened to her. All of her friends and teachers are probably afraid and very hurt. Students can help stop bullying too. Instead of instigating fights we can try to break them up. Instead of laughing and making fun of other students we should try to be more friendly to others. Sometimes they just need a friend. Sometimes we just need a friend too. We should be letting Raniya’s life be an example that fighting and bullying never leads to anything positive. Hopefully, the school will do something to remember her life because it was sadly taken from her while she was at school. Fighting and bullying always have consequences. Sometimes, it could be a suspension. Sometimes it can be expulsion. Sometimes, it can end up in a senseless death.