School Letter grades paint dark picture for Southside

When the state released letter grades for schools across the state, educators are pouring over reports to spot areas of improvement. The reports showed that schools located in Monroe’s Northside were high performing schools and with a few exceptions, most schools in Monroe’s Southside were academically failing schools.

The scores were revealing for school leaders who are sorting through the data found on the state website at

A Sampling of area schools with high minority enrollment is revealing.

NEVILLE HIGH: A. Neville letter grade is based on four factors. Student academics (B); ACT Scores (A); Graduation (A) and Strength of Diploma (A). The predominately Black school (63%) performs better than 97% of schools in the state. It’s ACT composite is 21.4 with a 74% college enrollment rate.

RICHWOOD HIGH: B. Richwood’s letter grade is based o

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