Second suspect nabbed in Shelling Parking Lot shooting

A second man has been arrested in connection with a March 24th shooting on the parking lot of Shelling Elementary.

Ouachita Parish sheriff deputies have executed an arrest warrant for Devonta Dreshawn Johnson, 26, of 213 Selman Drive, and charged Johnson attempted second-degree murder.

Police say that a large group of men gathered in the school parking lot on March 24th around 4 p.m. and reportedly an argument ensued between rappers when gunfire erupted.

In the chaos, people fell while running away, cars fled from the scene and a wreck happened as two vehicles left.

The police chased one of the vehicles and arrested David Jerel Hamilton, 33, of 3617 Cooper Street, who police think was involved in the shooting incident although he was not charged with the shooting, but they were confident he could provide leads to the shooter.

The entire incident was recorded on a cell-phone which showed men running, holding up sagging pants, and shouting.

                                            David Hamilton

A white Mercury Marquis, in which Hamilton was a passenger, sped away from the scene with police in pursuit. Police arrested Hamilton when he was stopped at 1800 Powell Avenue.

Police records show that officers reviewed a citizen provided video that showed Hamilton, seated in the front passenger seat, arriving at the scene of the shooting in the white Marquis. The video also showed him leaving the school campus when the shooting began.

When Hamilton was stopped, officers also reported finding two white styrofoam cups, which had a green liquid mixed with a clear liquid inside an empty one-liter Sprite bottle on the back seat of the driver’s side floorboard.

Since baby bottles are commonly known to distribute and sell Promethazine, police had probable cause to charge Hamilton with drug possession even though they suspected he was connected with the shooting minutes earlier.

Hamilton was booked on charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance with an intent to manufacture, produce or distribute. His bond was set at $2,500.

Johnson’s bond was $150,000