See the greatness of the USA when you travel

By: Cadence Wright

Traveling is important to every teenager. Those who travel have a lot to talk about when your class discusses somewhere you have been.

I have traveled a lot. My favorite places are Hawaii, Washington D.C, and Orlando. Most times, I travel with Top Gun Time Travelers.

This Summer, I am going with the Time Travelers to study about Louisiana. We will learn about the history of Louisiana.

I think Hawaii was the best trip I have been on because I like the beaches. They have great food there, but when I was there, I ate McDonald’s most of the time. They have a few sports teams there; all based around The University of Hawaii.

Tourists who visit the Island will probably visit the Dole Food Plantation, the University Of Hawaii, Pearl Harbor and the beaches.

Washington D.C. is my second best learning stop. When I traveled there, I got to see the White House. I also got to eat my favorite food “Pork Ribs.”  Washington has a basketball team called the Washington Wizards with many great players like John Wall.

Washington is also the home of the President of the United States. He lives in the White House. I also saw the Martin Luther King Memorial.

In Orlando, Florida, I visited Disney World that’s why I like it. One thing I like about Orlando is that their chicken wings are so good. When I have visitors sometimes, they tell me that they go to Disney World like me.

I live in Slidell, LA. It is on the Northshore of New Orleans. We have a lot of good food here but I like crawfish the most because they are good. New Orleans has a lot of great schools.

Most people come to New Orleans to attend the Battle of the Bands but we have three HBCUs here. They are Dillard University, Xavier University and Southern University at New Orleans. When you come to my city you have to see the French Quarter because there are always things to see.

There are great places all over the world. They all seem to be great places to live, but true greatness is found in you. If you can find greatness within you, you can make it anywhere because you take the greatness within you where ever you go.