Shelling honored with school name change

Board votes to replace Abraham Lincoln name on school with Roy Shelling, Sr.
On Tuesday morning, the Monroe City School Board voted 4-0 to rename Lincoln Elementary School in honor of the late Roy Neal Shelling, Sr.
The school, which was originally named for President Abraham Lincoln, was home for Shelling as principal for many years.
Tuesday’s school board meeting brought tears to the eyes of board member Brenda Shelling as she is still in mourning at the recent death of her husband.
Board members Bill Wilson and Vickie Dayton were not present at the meeting and Shelling recused herself from voting.
Shelling said that her husband spent so much time with the students at Lincoln that there was little left for his own.
“I often told him, you love those kids more than you love us (laughter in the room). And he would do exactly what ya’ll (audience) are doing now,” Shelling said.
Board President Reverend Rodney McFarland praised Shelling and told Brenda Shelling that they were loved.
“We love you,” McFarland said.