Slap your mama

By: Cadence Wright

On Thanksgiving my family always makes good food. We have a Cajun turkey and regular turkey for the people who don’t eat spicy food. We usually have a lot of desserts too. Dressing, macaroni and cheese and candy yams are some things I like the most. Family members from all over the country get together for food and fun on Thanksgiving Day.

My Granny has the best sweet pie recipe in the world. People are always talking about Patti Pies but granny’s pies taste better than her pies. Sometimes she puts whip cream on the pie. She even sends us a pie through FedEx. Another thing that is good that she makes is dirty biscuits. It’s not what you think it is. It brown rice stuffed in a biscuit. Lawd, those things are good!

My Nana makes the best turkey. Me and my dad love spicy foods. So, she makes a special spicy turkey just for us to eat. That cajun turkey is seasoned just right. She also makes a great macaroni and cheese. It’s so cheesy and creamy. It’s perfect.

This year we are going to her house the week after Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving Part 2. Really, my dad is going to the Saints vs Cowboys game. So, we are having another Thanksgiving the following week in Dallas. She is the queen of the grill. That woman can barbecue!

My momma makes the best green beans. She uses the right amount of spices. The seasoning she uses is called Slap Your Mama. They call it that because if you cook with it your food will be so good it’ll make you go in there and slap your mama. Those beans are so good they are usually the first pan to be empty. She also makes a mean 7up cake and a banana pudding. I hope she makes some banana pudding for Thanksgiving because her banana pudding needs to be sold in stores. Nobody’s banana pudding is beating hers.

Thanksgiving is not about food. It’s about gathering with family and friends to thank God for His many blessings. This year I am having Thanksgiving at my church. Another Church will be joining us. Then, afterwards, later on that day I will go see the Saints beat the Falcons at the Superdome.

Food has a way of making people talk, laugh, and have great memories. So, bring on the green beans, the cajun turkey, the banana pudding, the dirty biscuits, and all the sweet pies. If you see my mama with a hand print on the side of her face it just means she cooks too good!!