Social media post of illegal weapons leads to 19 count arrest of local man

A Monroe man is behind bars after being charged with multiple counts of drug dealing and illegal possession of firearms.

Monroe Police arrested Joseph Devon Jenkins on 19 charges after several people told police that they appeared in a posted social media video that featured many stolen weapons Jenkins possessed.

Police obtained a warrant and located Jenkins at a residence at 1713 Canary Street in Monroe.

When he was arrested, according to the report, Jenkins had on his possession a Glock 23 40 caliber pistol. Officers found other weapons in the residence in plain view, according to the report.

When officers discovered the handguns, they requested and received a second warrant that allowed them to search the entire residence and Jenkins’ vehicle.

During that search, according to the report, police located six firearms including a Century Arms AK-47 rifle, Ithaca 37 gauge shotgun, Winchester .22 rifle, Ruger CP .380 handgun, and a Mossberg 500 A 12 gauge shotgun. At least one of the weapons, the Ruger, had been reported stolen in West Monroe.

The search also produced 78 ecstasy pills, several clear cellophane baggies of unburnt marijuana, several marijuana cigarettes, 3 bulletproof vests, several digital scales, and over a hundred rounds of various kinds of ammunition.

Since Jenkins has been previously convicted of domestic abuse it is unlawful for him to possess a bulletproof vest or weapons.

Jenkins was charged with 19 offenses including one count of domestic abuse and child endangerment; two counts of violating a protective order; one count of resisting arrest; one count of supplying a felon with a firearm; one count of illegal possession of a stolen firearm; one count of illegal carrying of a weapon in the presence of narcotics; three counts of illegal use or possession of body armor; two counts of possession with intent to distribute an illegal controlled dangerous substance; and seven counts of possessing firearms by a person convicted of domestic battery.

Jenkins’ bond was set at $114,000.