Start now to fulfill Teen gift ideas for Christmas

By Valaysia Smith
Teen Reporter

So today we are here to present gifts that your average teen would want. They’re simple really although a few of the prices cost a bit. I’m not really your average teen so I can’t relate to a majority of the gifts that are teen preferences this year.

I’d prefer a book or even some socks, you could even just get me a bag of dried mangos and that’s all I’d need. The rest of my peers seem to be complicated people: Oculus VR headset, Bluetooth speakers, expensive faux jackets, new
phones, new iPad, new computers, sweaters, anything Champions.

There have been new games released including : Call of Duty Vanguard, Madden NFL 22, Call of Duty black ops Cold War, Halo Infinite, Battlefield 2042,

Humankind, and maybe Life is Strange for the chiller guys.

● Some kids are still raving for air pods since they might not have them yet. Those would work for them instead of walking around and getting their wired headphones yanked out. Ever notice how your clothes or headphones always seem to get caught on something when you’re in a bad mood? Stuff is targeting us.
● Beats Solo wireless are popular. Yes, another pair of headphones, simply because I’m aware there are some people that prefer headphones over their heads instead of earbuds.
● Adidas Trio training pants are items of interest to some boys. Simply because it looks nice.
● Shoes. We all know Dr. Martens have been revived and wanted by hundreds. Nike has new shoes that a few boys may know called Nike Air Huarache. They’ve got vintage themed sneakers and sneakers. A rare find has been Converses’ UV light shoes; they change colour in the shade and light of the sun.

I’m sure there’s a ton or more of items yet to be discovered yet. Some could even just want a few movies for Christmas, but you know what’s even better? Getting a puppy for Christmas. Or a kitten. You could have a child pleading for a pup or kitten and they could get that expensive wish. Then again there are picky kiddos too. I feel that you should ask your child what they want because everyone is different.

I’ve also heard that gift cards are the bomb. Because well they have money on them. There’s Starbucks, restaurants, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and many places to use a gift card. You could even take gift cards to a local mall and buy them a bag of candy from Candy Craze because who doesn’t want something a little sweet.

Speaking of sweets! There are charities. I’m not saying to dump all your money into them or to just smile and walk past but you could even just leave a dollar or five.

Sure, it’s pretty minor but added up to the rest of whomever else has left donations it can make a vast change for someone else’s Christmas might it be: an animal shelter, the children’s hospital, our military, maybe even an orphanage.

The point is that you can also make a change with the smallest thing whether it be gifts or money. You get to be the miniature Big Bang. That’s a nice thought. The big bang theory.

You might forget it over time but you’d be remembered as a person that did a very kind and considerate feat all while buying your kid their gifts like the great parents you are.