State Police investigating police involved death, three officers on leave

Funeral services set in wake of quietly kept death of handcuffed man subdued by Monroe Police

The Louisiana State Police are investigating a death of Monroe Man and three Monroe Police officers and are on leave in connection with the death.

Monroe Mayor, Friday Ellis, confirmed Wednesday that three Monroe Police Officers are on administrative leave in the aftermath of the death of Earl Grant, 43. last week.

Grant was reportedly tazed while handcuffed during an arrest and shortly after died death.
Monroe Police Chief Eugene Ellis has not returned Free Press calls concerning the incident and no public report of the incident other than a generic news release has been given.

A city news release the day after the incident made no reference to tazing or handcuffs. The release said:

“Shortly after 9:00 on August 26, 2020, Monroe Police Department officers responded to the scene of a serious two-vehicle crash. While investigating the crash, the individual who was alleged to have caused the crash refused to comply with officer orders and attempted to leave the scene. MPD officers then subdued the individual. The individual was subsequently transported by ambulance to a hospital and later passed away. The cause of death is unknown at this time.

“Because the person passed away, MPD immediately contacted Louisiana State Police. State Police assumed control of the investigation into the death of the individual. That investigation is ongoing, and the City and MPD intend to cooperate fully with State Police during their investigation.”

The Louisiana State Police does not routinely investigate auto accidents. However, the State Police does conduct investigations whenever there is an officer involved death or shooting.

Jacqueline Jackson, was Grant’s girlfriend. She shared a home with Grant for nearly seven years. The couple have three children together and he has served as father to two others.

Jackson said she was visited by police officers who told her that Grant was involved in an accident and ran into a fence. She said she was led to believe that his death was result of the accident.

However, afterward she said she began receiving information from at least one person who saw the incident and recorded it and another who witnessed it from nearby. Both accounts indicate that at some point in the aftermath of the car accident, police had Grant face down on the ground and tazed him. According to the witnesses, Grant was handcuffed and tazed again as officers held him down.

The city has not named the three officers it has placed on paid administrative leave, but the practice is standard during investigations.

Jackson said officers questioned her about whether or not Jackson used drugs.
She said he did not use illegal drugs and was not a drug dealer.

She said Grant, a former Wossman High School athlete, was humourous and loved to make jokes. He was disabled and a regular dialysis patient. She said he loved all five of the children and was a father to them all. She said she considered him the perfect father.

Graveside service for Grant will be held Wednesday, September 9, 2020, at 11 a.m. at Richwood Memorial Gardens. A Drive thru visitation will be held for the public on Tuesday, September 8th from 12:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Smith Funeral Home on Winnsboro Road.