State trooper arrests Monroe man; Speeding, Ecstasy, Amphetamines, Whiskey/Vodka, blood alcohol of .225

A Monroe man was arrested on Friday night, June 23, 2017 on eight charges related to dangerous and impaired driving and during the search a number of pills and alcohol were found in the vehicle.

A Louisiana State Trooper observed a black Cadillac with a very dark window tint traveling north on North 6th street at 45mph in a 30mph speed zone. According to the trooper, the Cadillac was constantly drifting, swerving, and veering out of the outside lane it was primarily in as it traveled. The trooper activated his emergency lights to stop the vehicle and it continued to Forsythe Ave, drove through the stop sign turning right and stopped in the roadway of Forsythe Ave.

The driver was Daniel Leon McHenry. According to the trooper, Henry had gait ataxia, stumbling, fumbling slurred speech, bloodshot dilated droopy eyes and an odor of an alcoholic type beverage on his breath. McHenry submitted to standardized field sobriety tests and showed extreme impairment. The trooper arrested McHenry and in parking his vehicle, noticed he had 6% window tint on the front passenger windows, an open bottle of whiskey/vodka and some in a metal cup. The trooper noted that he had pills under the seat and in view. The pills were identified as six (6) Ecstacy (MDMA), twenty-seven (27) amphetamine pills and one (1) Alprazolam tablet.

The trooper secured the pills as evidence. McHenry submitted to the intoxilyzer 9000 at OCC and his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was shown to be .225 g%. McHenry was charged with: Driving while impaired 1st Offense, Improper Lane Use, Dark Window Tint (6% FPW), Open Container, Speeding (45-30zone), Possession w/intent of Sch. I CDS-4-MDMA (Xstacy), Possession w/Intent of Sch. II CDS Amphetamines (Addrall) and Possession w/Intent of Sch. IV Alprazolam (XANAX)

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