Tempers flare as leaders focus on school system deficiencies

In two days of meetings, six black community groups unite to speak with one voice about problems with the city school district; problems not expected with a 5-2 Black school board.

A consortium of groups in the Monroe Community met recently and jointly expressed concerns about the direction of the Monroe City School District. Those attending included: The Carroll Alumni Association, The Carroll High School Booster Club, Monroe City School Parents, NAACP, Southside Improvement Organization, and the West Parkview Homeowners.

In two back-to-back meetings, leaders angry at the direction of the Monroe City Schools met over the weekend to crystalize their efforts to get better responses from the Monroe City Schools.

The first meeting was held Saturday at the Benoit Recreation Center hosted by the Ouachita NAACP. Leaders of the West Parkview Homeowners were present and vented their frustrations about the school board’s decision to build the new Martin Luther King School in an area they feel will ultimately lead to flooding their neighborhood.

The blame for these decisions was laid at the feet of the previous school board which was led by Rev. Rodney McFarland. Tempers flared at the meeting as Ambrose Douzart accepted blame for en

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