The African flag is our flag too

By: Cadence Wright

Most people are very familiar with the American flag. By now everyone should know what the colors, stars, and stripes mean. Just in case you don’t know the red is for hardiness and valour.

The white is for the purity and innocence. Blue means justice and perseverance. The stars are for the 50 states and the stripes are for the original 13 colonies. We have to learn the American flag but as African-Americans we don’t take the time to recognize any African flag.

This week Gucci was blasted for making a sweater that looks like blackface. That was very interesting to me because Gucci is very popular to Black people. One reason Black people like Gucci so much is because Gucci’s colors are the same colors which represent Africa. Their colors are Red, Green, and Black. These are the same colors on the Pan-African Flag.

Africa has many countries and they all have flags but the most familiar one is the Pan-African flag. Sometimes, its called the Liberation Flag. The red Red is for the blood that unites all Black of African ancestry. That means all Black people are united to be brothers and sisters by ancestral bloodline. Black people are originally from Africa. Our blood let’s us know that. If you go on they can take you all the way back to what tribe you probably came from just by your blood sample.

Black means we exist as a nation even though we are technically not a real organized nation. I think it means we are a unified family no matter where we are in the world. If you live in America you are just as in the family as you would be if you lived in Congo or in Ghana. Even though we might not all be together we all are still African. We can be apart of African continent even though we are not there.

Green means natural wealth. Natural Wealth means Africa is rich in resources like diamonds, gold, salt, and some tropical fruits. They have some of the best trades in the world. Africa is the richest continent yet it is the most overlooked continent. They have animals that we don’t see in America. They have pyramids that we don’t see. Being rich means more than just money. It also means you are rich in culture and history.

It is good to know about the country we live in but we need to learn more about the continent our ancestors came from. A lot of this is still new to me but it is interesting. Learning about our people and how we have grown makes me proud.