The Apple Vs Samsung War will never end!

By: Cadence Wright

Normally, a team is usually associated with Sports. Some people like the Saints and some people like the Cowboys. Some people like the Lakers and others like Golden State Warriors. Teams aren’t always limited to Sports. If you want to start a real argument now-a-days, all you have to do is say you like Android over Apple. It won’t take but a second for Team iPhone to tell you why the iPhone is better. Of course, all the Samsung people are going to tell you why Android is better. These two teams are getting bigger and bigger and sometimes they are worse than sports team. People will get into arguments so heated that they will almost fight over which phone is better!

People are always asking, what do you have iPhone or Samsung? Samsung and Motorola run on Android Software. Apple runs on Apple IOS Software. When you tell people you have an Android, everybody with an iPhone will have something to say about it. I have had both and I think Androids are better than iPhones. iPhones are like toys. My Samsung Galaxy phone can do much more than an iPhone.

I actually write these articles every week on my Samsung Galaxy 10. It’s the same with Team Android. If someone says they have an iPhone, all the Samsung people will tell you why Android is better.

My Paw Paw and my Daddy can have these discussions for hours. They will take a break and come right back to the same argument two hours later. At the end of the day, nobody even wins. The next time they get together, they will make the same arguments all over again.

The IPhone is the most bought phone in the America. Truthfully, Android operates on many different phones and Apple only has one phone. So, it makes sense that it’s the most bought phone. It’s the only choice if you want an Apple phone. The reason why I don’t like iPhone is because you can’t customize your phone. I want full control of my phone. Apple locks their phone so you can’t change anything unless you jailbreak it. On an Android you can customize the phone any way you like it. You can change the way the whole screen looks. On an iPhone, it’s the same dull screen with all your apps on it. That takes the fun out of having a phone. Everything is always the same look.

One thing no one can complain about is the security on iPhones. I have to give Apple props for that. You can put a bomb on that phone and it still won’t give up your information. They are so protected that it is nearly impossible to even get a virus on an iPhone. I know people who have been carrying iPhones for years and they have never lost their information. Even if someone steals their phone they can get all their information right back on their new phone with Apple Cloud. Even though Samsung offers Security as well, Apple Security really is that much better.

No matter if you are Team Apple or Team Android, neither one is helping you pay your rent!