The Beautiful Begonia

By: Adesha L. Madison


One petal fell to the earth
The flower still lived
Another petal fell
And the strength of the flower began to give
More petals fell away from the center
As time slowly passed
It became evident
Not much longer would the flower last
The last petal fell
The flower did not die
It was s naked with no blooms
But only to the human eye
The flower had become new
But not here on earth
The fertilizer had been put
In a garden of far more worth
And only there could a dead
Earthly flower
Get the nurturing that she needs
Had she stayed here
Her body would become depleted
So she had to be picked
And potted in a nursery of spiritual plants
Where God is the florist
And has the capability to do with her
What we can’t

Poem written is special dedication to my 47 year old Cousin Zelda Hicks who left us July 7,2017