This is America

By: Cadence Wright

You would think in 2018 we would be done with racism. In the 60’s we had boycotts and protests to stand against inequality. Rosa Parks made it possible for integration on city buses. Martin Luther King led the march on Washington to unite people for equal rights. We have even had the opportunity to have a Black President. With all the progress we have made in America, racism keeps on showing it’s ugly face every single day of the week.

This week, TV Star Roseanne Barr, made a racist tweet. She called a Black lady who worked for President Obama an ape. The tweet went viral and like they always do… she came up with an excuse for why she made those comments. She tried to apologize but blamed it on some drugs she was taking. The damage was already done though. ABC took her show off the air and hundreds of people lost their jobs. When you make racists statements, it not only shows the world who you really are but it also destroys other people’s lives.

This month, two Black men were arrested at Starbucks for being Black. They walked in and sat down to have a meeting like everyone else. A White girl who worked there called the cops because she said they looked suspicious. The two men were arrested for nothing. Even the other people in the café said they didn’t do anything. Starbucks is now requiring all their workers to take a class on racial equality.

I don’t believe people are born racist. They grow up hearing racists comments from their parents and they see racists behavior. So, they just pick it up as they grow up. By the time they are adults they are racists and truthfully don’t even realize it. If people spent more time around other people they would learn to co-exist with people and not be so afraid of everyone who doesn’t look like them. They would also know how hurtful racists comments are to others.

At my school there are all kinds of kids. That’s one thing I liked about my school. There were Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics, and we even had students from other countries. We celebrated every culture all year. In May we had to learn about Hispanic history. In February we had to learn Black History. In November, we had to learn the real history of Native Americans. I think schools should do more to teach culture to students but at least my school tried to fit it in throughout the year. All the kids in my neighborhood are from different races and we play respectfully. I have learned there are good people in all races. There are also a lot of crazy people. The more I live the more I have come to realize… the crazy people have taken over this world!