Three Black Queens, that’s Black Girl Magic

By: Cadence Wright

For the first time in American History, there are three Black Queens. Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA are all Black women. I’ve heard women talk about Black Girl Magic” but I never really understood what it meant. I thought it had something to do with Black girls being magicians but it’s really a catchy slogan that simply means when Black women are involved in anything they know how to make it great. With Mother’s Day approaching it seems fit to explore what makes a Black woman so special.

I found out Black Girl Magic is different for every woman. Women are skilled in different ways. So, their magic will be seen in different ways. My mom says her ‘magic’ gives her the power to build others. She always finds the strength to do for others before she helps herself. I think my mom has a beauty that shines on the inside and outside. It takes courage to put your personal goals aside to help somebody else reach theirs first. The ability to love and be selflessness. Black women have been doing it for centuries. They have to place the needs of their kids, husbands, and bosses ahead if their own desires but some kind of way they get it all done.

During slavery, Black women were treated like dirt. They had the Black women picking cotton, taking care of Master’s babies, and the slave master abused them. The Black women were at the bottom of everything. First, because she was a woman. Then, even worse because she was a Black woman. They were separated from their kids. They had to cook for the slave master. They were raped and many couldn’t even have their own husband because Master wouldn’t approve of them even being married to a person they loved. Some kind of way Black women survived and they are still standing.

Some great Black women are Beyoncé. She brings awareness to Black social issues and she supports Black colleges. Oprah Winfrey was the first Black woman to become a billionaire and she even built a school for girls in Africa. Michelle Obama lead a campaign against Obesity. Harriet Tubman led the slaves to the underground railroad. Shirley Chisolm was the first Black lady to run for President. Madam CJ Walker made hair products and became the first Black millionaire. There are many more Black Women in the world who have helped our race and also contributed to the world we live in.

All of the pageant winners like Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, and Miss America all were Black women of different ages from different places. Miss USA was Cheslie Kryst. She was from North Carolina. Kaleigh Garris won Miss Teen USA. She represented Connecticut. Nia Franklin won Miss America and the state she represented was New York. This proves once again a Black woman can do anything she wants to do.

This is the first time in History Black women have won all three of them. There are some strong and powerful Black women on Earth. Not all women are ratchet. Many of them are hard working ladies who go above and beyond to reach their goals, but they can be better. I hope you all have a great Mother’s Day and please give the world more Black Girl Magic!