Tik Tok Is Interesting for everyone

As we all know Tik Tok is a popular thing out there in the world. It’s everywhere. Pants, shirts, backpacks, phones, just everything. Tiktok is of course an app where people upload videos of their choice, although the most popular seem to be dances, trending things, or products as well as jokes. People associate Tik Tok as the app that all the kids are on nowadays but that’s not quite true, there are adults and even elderly teens (elder, grandparent, an older person) on board the wild train as well. I’m aware that a trending thing on the app is a filter called the “VHS Filter”, it seems a little vintagey but nothing close to the real deal although I understand it’s for looks and fun which is really entertaining.

There are many sides to this popular app that stars many different people. Here we occasionally see famous unusual but amazing people, we have elderly teens stepping into the spotlight, and even people slowly building up their careers until they blow up to be a known celebrity. We also have people that post videos with interesting facts and even old videos that had been forgotten such as vines. As for the products that are sometimes advertised such as apps, fast food restaurants, products, and more. There is a trending phone case that has an interesting feature where no one can see your screen, there have been leggings that are said to be comfortable and stylish. A new app that’s been going around is something that puts black and white photos in color, the app’s name isn’t clear at the moment but many enjoy it. If you know some more cool stuff about Tik Tok give it a shout out!