Time is flying by!

By: Cadence Wright

This year, I’m in 8th grade, and it’s my last year in junior high. My teachers are nice, and I like my class because many of my friends and I share the same classes. My teachers are pretty good this year. Most of them are nice. I know teachers have to be serious all the time to make us do our work, but all kids love nice teachers. If you want students to be nice, then the teacher needs to be nice too. A lot of my friends have left my school because they are in high school, but the few of us who remain here will have a great time together.

My first hour and second-hour classes are with the same teacher. So, I sit in the same room for 2 hours. For my third hour, I have my elective class. It’s a Career Prep class. We learn about things we can be instead of typical professions like being a rapper or basketball player. After that, I have P.E and most of the time we play basketball. My favorite class is Social Studies. I know a lot about social studies, and I am always interested in learning more about History.

This year I want to try out for the basketball team. Last year, I didn’t try out. I am making an effort to be more active in school activities and participate more with other kids. This year I’ll get to go to the 8th-grade picnic. They have it every year because it’s the 8th graders’ last year in junior high. We have different types of clubs, and some of them seem fun. We’re going to have school dances, and I might go to one of them, I don’t know yet. Ultimately, I think I’m going to have fun this school year.

I want to change some things about school. For example, the dress code. I don’t like it. It’s no fun having to look exactly like everyone else all day every day of your life. I wish I could change my schedule too because I have P.E before I have lunch. So, I usually sweat during lunch, and it is hot outside. By the time my afternoon class begins, I am soaking wet with sweat. How am I going to impress the girls if I smell like sweat? Luckily, I keep cologne and deodorant in my backpack. I got to stay fresh!

So now that I am in the 8th grade, it is five years until I go to college. Time has really flown by. My parents are saying I am taller, and my voice has changed, but I sound the same to me. They say I need to turn the bass down in my voice. I don’t even know what that means. All I know is in two years I can get a part-time job. In three years I can get a car. In five years, I will be at Southern University. Time might seem like it’s going by fast to my mom and my dad, but to me, it’s not going by fast enough!