Time Travelers end nine day Western tour

    The Top Gun Time Travelers are returning to Monroe this week concluding a nine-day, Learn/Fun tour of five Western states.
    The Time Travelers, is a chartered unit of Scouting/USA, which promotes youth leadership and scholarship through leadership training and travel.
    The organization helps youth learn social studies, government and leadership through studying the culture, history, and government of each of the 50 states. Participants begin at age nine and will visit and study all 50 states by the time they graduate.
   The group studied the impact of the Indian Removal Act and visited the Quapaw Indian annual Pow Wow in Quapaw, Oklahoma. They studied the effects of terrorism at the Oklahoma Bombing Site in Oklahoma City. They also learned about the old west at the Billy The Kid Museum in Oklahoma. In Roswell, New Mexico they visited the International UFO research center. 
   Along the way, the Time Travelers kept journals that contained information needed for English and Social Studies once school resumes. 
   The challenging part of the 2018 tour was that all journal entries had to be written in cursive, which proved a major undertaking, since most public schools don’t require cursive writing beyond the third grade.
   The group ended their tour with a day at Six Flags, in Dallas Texas.   
   The annual tours are funded with proceeds of the African-American Heritage Drama held at the Civic Center each year and private donations.
   The group is sponsored by Tab-N-Action, Inc.