Too old for Christmas gifts

By: Cadence Wright

My momma says December is the most expensive month of the year. That’s because people spend a lot of money on Christmas gifts and decorations. My dad said, this year he is giving me and my brother a $100 dollar limit. He said, “If you want more than that you will have to work for it.” So, there are many ways to get money if you are kid if you want to buy yourself more stuff for Christmas.

You can sell candy at school or around the neighborhood. My daddy says he sold candy when he was a kid. If you sell candy at school, ask the principal. When my dad was a kid he sold candy at school but the principal asked him to stop. Most kids like Twix, Takes, and Hot Fries. I asked my mom and she said ok. So I might sell candy at school.

You can rake leaves or mow lawns. You would put a sign up and your number and the price. The price should be at least $20. If worked for three hours a day that would be $60 and by the end of week you would have $300. That’s a good amount of money. My parents tried to get me to do that but I am not an outside person.

Most kids do chores around the house for money. My parents say, “if it’s your house you should keep it clean.” They expect us to wash the dishes, take out the trash, and wash clothes with no allowance. Some of my friends get paid for doing chores and they get paid $40 a month. That’s ten dollars a week. I told my dad and he said, “You can go move in with your friend whenever you’re ready!”

Christmas is 2 weeks away. We must remember Christmas is not about receiving gifts. It’s about the Birth of Christ. I know it’s about Love and Family but I need help. I still like to get those gifts! I remember when I was little, the whole living room would be filled with gifts under the tree. The older I get the less gifts I get. I guess that means I’m supposed to be over getting gifts by now but I’m not ready for my kid years to end yet! I will just have to stretch my $100 or just get my Paw Paw to match it!