Town of Richwood – April 19, 2018 Minutes

Public Hearing & Regular Meeting Minutes Thursday, April 19, 2018
7:00 P.M.
Members in Attendance:
Alderperson Simeon Profit Alderperson Donald Richard
Alderperson Janice Fleming
Alderperson Leola Keys
Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland

The Town of Richwood met for a Public Hearing held on April 19, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Richwood Multi-Purpose Center, 2710 Martin Luther King Drive, Richwood, Louisiana to consider the following business:
I. Meeting Called to Order by Mayor Gerald Brown at 7:00 p.m.
II. Prayer- was offered by Alderperson Simeon Profit
III. Pledge of Allegiance – recited in unison
IV. Roll Call- Mayor Gerald Brown called roll with the following results: All (5) Board Members Present

Present: Alderperson Simeon Profit Alderperson Donald Richard Alderperson Janice Fleming Alderperson Leola Keys Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland
V. A Public Discussion as It Relates to the Setting of the 2018 Millage Rate

Mayor Gerald Brown- advised the forum the current Millage Rate is 26.34 and 6.12 of that goes to the General fund and 20.22 of that goes to Police and Recreation.

Alderpersons Keys and Alderperson Richard- inquired if this was just a renewal.

Mayor Gerald Brown – confirmed yes this is a renewal.

VI. Closing of Public Hearing

*** With No Additional Comments***

Mayor Gerald Brown- closed the Public Hearing Portion and proceeded to Item VII.

VII. Adoption of Agenda:

Mayor Gerald Brown- requested that an Executive Session item be added to the agenda to discuss an employee issue. The Board agreed unanimously to add Item XVI to the agenda entitled Executive Session ( Employee Issue Discussion).

* It was motioned by Alderperson Janice Fleming and seconded by Alderperson Donald Richard to amend the agenda to include XVI Executive Session (Employee Discussion).

VIII. Adoption of March 15, 2018 Minutes:

* It was motioned by Alderperson Simeon Profit and seconded by Alderperson Donald Richard to adopt the March 15, 2018 Minutes as presented.

A vote was taken with the following results: 5 YES VOTES

Alderperson Simeon Profit YES Alderperson Donald Richard YES
Alderperson Janice Fleming YES Alderperson Leola Keys YES Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland YES

* The record shall reflect all (5) Alderpersons voted yes to adopt the March 15, 2018 Minutes as presented.

IX. Financial Report:

Mayor Gerald Brown- inquired if there were any questions?

Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- indicated yes, he had a question concerning line item # 5025 where it shows in the second column the amount shown for fuel from July to March?

Town Clerk- advised that was from July 2017 to March 2018.

Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland-advised he was concerned about recreation and indicated there appeared to be police but no recreation.

Mayor Gerald Brown- indicated the amounts shown for police and recreation will not be equal, but there have been a number of things which have taken place for recreation, but recreation is not just for the children but also include adults.

Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland- advised he was aware there had been volley ball and some other things.

* It was motioned by Alderperson Donald Richard and seconded by Alderperson Simeon Profit to adopt the financial report as presented.

X. Mayor Dialogue:

Mayor Gerald Brown- thanked the Board and the Community Partners for their participation in providing the 2nd Year of a Successful Easter Egg Hunt, and there were about 65 kids which came out to participate.

Mayor Gerald Brown- reminded the Board their Tier 3 Reports are due by May 15, 2018 and advised that is the disclosure of your income.

Mayor Gerald Brown- advised the only other thing is April 28, 2018 is election, but there was not too much noted on the ballot for us (Richwood) except the Mosquito Abatement but that was for Ouachita Parish.

XI. Public Comments as They Relate to Tonight’s Agenda:

Mr. Audwin Madison- inquired is the millage rate going to be the same or is it going up?

Mayor Gerald Brown- advised it is the Board’s pleasure as to where they set the millage rate, but his recommendation is that it remains the same.

** No Other Comments**

XII. Keshanta Thaxton (Asking permission to open a Restaurant located at 3301 Burg Jones Lane)

Keshanta Thaxton- addressed the forum and requested permission to open a restaurant where the old PPW building was previously.

Mayor Gerald Brown- reminded the Board of the law currently on the books which prohibits the opening of a new club.

Mayor Gerald Brown- inquired of Mrs. Thaxton as to what was her intent to open?
Mrs. Keshanta Thaxton- replied to open it as it was, there was a kitchen, but it needs a lot of work.

** A discussion ensued as to how the ownership or license would show? If this would be under the prior ownership, or someone other and if so what occupational license would be needed and the owners must adhere to ATF Requirements.

Mayor Gerald Brown- advised the question posed is that while they are getting the kitchen up to code, Ms. Thaxton is inquiring if they can operate the business as a code.

XIII. Miyki’el Sharkull (Asking Permission to Obtain the Old Field House to open Washa Boxing)

Mayor Gerald Brown- read the heading and advised the Board they are talking about the old field house.

Spokesman for Mr. Miyki’el Sharkull- addressed the forum and advised their desire to open Washa Boxing, whereas they would train the youth for boxing. It was also stated the renovations would not be at cost to the Town, they would be responsible for the renovations.

*** Discussion ensued as to Mr. Epting’s willingness to work with other entities.

Mayor Gerald Brown- advised Mr. Epting was unable to be at the meeting tonight, and at this time the Board has recommended tabling the issue until the next meeting where Mr. Epting could be present to make a final decision on this.

XIV. Southern Youth Movements: Asking Permission to Extend Their Lease
*** Spokesman Not Present at first call later arrived with comments***

Mr. Perroyt Epting- addressed the forum and advised they are on target to provide the services to the community as previously advised and are on target to provide a Summer Youth Program in which he has already received 150 completed applications with an additional 50 outstanding, and request for more applications from parents.

Mr. Perroyt Epting- advised the program age ranges from 5-17-year old’s and confirmed the major part of the applications for the Summer Program, were provided to the Town of Richwood residents.

Mr. Perroyt Epting- advised Southerns Youth Movements has honored its word to the community. Mr. Epting advised the requirements of insurance and all other request have been met or is the process of being completion.

Mr. Perroyt Epting- advised of the plan to connect the youths of the community with the leaders of the community, and the plan is to have teams named after the mayor, alderpersons, and town clerk, and how this connection will work to not only connect the leaders to the community but provide mentorship.

Mr. Perroyt Epting- advised of the grants available for the different aspects of the program and the probability of the Town/Program being eligible.

Mr. Perroyt Epting- expressed to the Board he is still the same person that came before them initially presenting this program, and he has kept his word of putting the community first and addressing the needs of the youths in the community, and by the grace of God, he has been able to reach out and contact some of the major companies and finally the funds are beginning to come in, and what he is asking the Mayor and the Board to do is to extend his lease.

Alderperson Simeon Profit- mentioned another young man had come to the Board requesting they could use the old Richwood High School Fieldhouse for a boxing program.

Mr. Perroyt Epting- indicated he is willing to work with anyone that can provide opportunities for the youths of the community, and he is willing meet and discuss with the individual the possibility of this happening.

Mayor Gerald Brown- recommended that the Board renew the lease and after Mr. Epting meets with the individual if they are in agreement that the fieldhouse can be subleased.

*** There was a Board discussion of the minimum lease need for at least 10 years***

* It was motioned by Alderperson Donald Richard and seconded by Alderperson Simeon Profit to give Mr. Perroyt Epting a 10 year lease on the building and the park, and give him a week to bring in the insurance information.

XV. Discussion regarding Charles D. Hills Inc. Proposal
** Copy of Request presented to Board ** No further action was taken request denied.

XVI. Executive Session *** (Employee Issue)

XVII. Adjournment:

* It was motioned by Alderperson Donald Richard and seconded by Alderperson Simeon Profit to adjourn @ 8:36 p.m.