Town of Richwood: Public Hearing & Special Meeting Minutes

Public Hearing & Special Meeting Minutes
Monday July 26, 2018 @ 10:00 a.m.
Members In Attendance
Alderperson Simeon Profit
Alderperson Donald Richard
Alderperson Leola Keys
Alderperson Janice Fleming
Absent: Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland
The Town of Richwood met for a Public Hearing & Special Meeting on July 26, 2018 at 10:00-a.m. at the Richwood Multi-Purpose Center, 2710 Martin Luther King Drive, Richwood, Louisiana to consider the following business:
I. Meeting Called to Order by Mayor Gerald Brown at 10:00 a.m.
II. Prayer- was offered by Mayor Gerald Brown
III. Pledge of Allegiance – recited in unison
IV. Roll Call- (4) Alderpersons present as listed, (1) Alderperson Absent

Present at Meeting:

Alderperson Simeon Profit Alderperson Donald Richard
Alderperson Janice Fleming
Alderperson Leola Keys

Alderperson Wysinger Cleveland (Absent)

V. Adoption of Agenda:
It was motioned by Alderperson Janice Fleming and seconded by Alderperson Donald Richard to adopt the agenda as presented.

The record shall reflect: A vote was taken with the following results (4) Votes Yes to adopt.

Alderperson Simeon Profit Yes Alderperson Donald Richard Yes
Alderperson Janice Fleming Yes
Alderperson Leola Keys Yes

VI. Open of Public Hearing:
** No Public Present at meeting**

VII. Public Comments as they Relate to Items on the Agenda
** No Public in Attendance

VIII. Closing of Public Hearing @ 10:04 a.m.

IX. Introduction of Ordinance 2018-03 (An Ordinance Adopting the Town’s Expenditures for the fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019)

Mayor Gerald Brown- confirmed with the Board they have a copy of the Ordinance in their packets and a copy of the budget in their packet.

Mayor Gerald Brown- advised the Board of a little difference in this budget, on page 2 Government Wide Budget ending Year 2019, look at the bottom of the summary and you will see a line item for a grant writer, that is not something we have had in the past, but something we are looking to include; and as we did last year we are adding an additional police officer to this budget.

Alderperson Janice Fleming- inquired if we had a grant writer in mind?

Mayor Gerald Brown- advised at this time not a certain person, but he would like some of the Board and himself to get together and meet with some of the prospective writers and vent them out, because he has a number of projects which he would like to apply for and a proven grant writer would really help us out.

Alderperson Leola Keys- stated, in looking at the police officer, she would really like to see more night patrol.

Mayor Gerald Brown- indicated that is what he and the Chief had discussed to look for a more seasoned officer which could coordinate with the Sherriff’s department and work from dusk to dawn, and if this is approved he would be looking for someone that could fulfill this need.

Mayor Gerald Brown- stated he wanted to draw attention to Public Works, we are one person short there and he really doesn’t think we need an additional person. Mayor Brown stated we have been one short for some time and it seems to be working, and with us currently in our peak season, and soon with the weather changing things will slow down.

Alderperson Leola Keys- inquired if we still have the man from Sterlington?

Mayor Gerald Brown- indicated yes, he had an injury to his leg and is in a cast on his leg, however they are currently working on a manhole project.

Mayor Gerald Brown- indicated they did not include a figure at this time until they can get exact figures, and then they will come back and amend the necessary amounts.

Alderperson Simeon Profit- inquired if we were going to come back and revisit residential garbage services?

Mayor Gerald Brown- advised that he knows a concern is adding the amount to the water bill, but he has visited a number of towns and they have the garbage collected through their water bills as well.

Mayor Gerald Brown- reminded the Board as to when the property taxes were being collected by the Town, we did not have the man power to chase people down to pay their taxes, so we were not collecting the taxes.

** Discussion took place on possible methods to catch some of the people that may be falling through the cracks on property tax collection.
Alderperson Janice Fleming- stated maybe with the change in ownership of Greater Ouachita Water, maybe we can re address the collection of the garbage with the water bill.

Alderperson Leola Keys- commented, with the printing of the budget, that it is difficult to read.

Mayor Gerald Brown- advised he would check on that, and anytime you need us to enlarge any specific item you can come down and we will be glad to do it.

Alderperson Leola Keys- commented next year if the budget is right and the funds are there, she would request and suggest the document she needs to author to increase the Board’s funds by $100.

Mayor Gerald Brown- stated he would like to check and see if our compensation can be linked by our participation, and the people voted us in to do a job, and he doesn’t feel that it should be allowed to miss those things and just come by the office and pick up a check.

Alderperson Leola Keys- stated that the reason she made that $100 suggestion, had to do with sometimes other things may come up that require additional meetings and should be factored in the compensation.

X. Adjournment-

It was motioned by Alderperson Donald Richard and seconded by Alderperson Simeon Profit to adjourn the meeting @ 10:32 a.m.