Trump’s disrespect and racism must end

By: Arthur L Mackey Jr.

Dear Editor,

The disrespectful and purely evil trinity of racism, classism, and sexism, controls the mind, mission, and mouth of President Donald Trump. Even worse his racist base absolutely loves it and actually fuels it. I am not surprised, but I am disgusted with our President’s dangerous and disrespectful display of discrimanatory practices and policies.

We can not let this simply slide into the next news cycle, and just forget about it. CNN host Don Lemon is not “the dumbest man on television.” Who made NBA Player LeBron James “look smart.” As stated by our ignorant President Trump. In fact Lemon and James are two of the most influential African American male leaders on the face of the planet.

Whether one likes her or not, Omarosa is not a “dog.” As stated by Trump. She is one of many Black Women that Trump has no respect for. Who’s dignity and respect are raped, robbed, and ruined in the era called Trump.

President Donald Trump’s disrespectful racist, classist, and sexist rhetoric against Congresswoman Maxine Waters is not only unpresidential, but Trump’s words clearly reveals him as head Hater In Chief in AmeriKKKa.

Trump’s corrupt political kingdom must come down. Congresswoman Maxine Waters is not a “low IQ individual with a mentally retarded IQ in “the mid-60’s.” As falsely stated by Mr. Disrespect himself, Hater In Chief Trump.

I call on all concerned Americans to come together as a true Christ centered coalition that will vote out office any and everyone who supports the racist, classist, and sexist policies of Hater In Chief Trump.

This must be done in the mid term elections to save the soul of America. Then the Hater In Chief Trump must be impeached by a Senate and House of Representatives that he no longer controls.