Video of Blind man making free throw, seen by millions

David Turner has been 100% blind for six years. When he took a family dare and scored a free throw basket without assistance, the video was immediately shared around the world. The Turners are from Monroe but now live in Grand Prairie, Texas.

When you hear talk of the shot that was heard around the world, it’s usually about war, but David Turner, a totally blind man, successfully sunk a basket from the free throw line Monday, it was the shot that has been shared on social media nearly 10 million times covering the globe.

Turner who has been totally blind for the last six years due to complications caused by diabetes, didn’t know he had actually made the basket until all of his family members began screaming and yelling.

Shelia James Turner, of Monroe, Turner’s wife, said many members of the family gathered to commemorate Memorial Day Monday with food and fellowship. She said everyone took turns shooting a basket, each one trash talking the other and bragging about their skills.

David Turner listened at the fun and camaraderie with no plans to participate. However, someone thought it would be fun for David to try. He tries everything at least once. With a warm sense of humor he took up a challenge that came from some family members who dared him to shoot a basket.

“You got to shoot. We all had to shoot,” shouted family members, grabbing their cell phones expected to get a good laugh. They were funning, but David was serious.

Shelia and David Turner have been interviewed by national news networks about the basketball shot that was seen around the world

“David believes he can do anything through Christ,” said Shelia. “He didn’t hesitate.”

One family member positioned himself under the goal and shouted: “Shoot to the sound of my voice unc!”

David listened as the trash talk continued and doubters placed fun bets about his ability.

“Someone shouted if you hit that we’ll let you drive the car home,” said Shelia.

David smiled and listened to the sound of the voice in front of him.

Video of David’s Shot (Courtesy Blade James)


There was a second of silence and then the ball sailed from his hands and went straight for the goal as if guided by an angel. The pandemonium broke out as family members screamed and members began posting the unbelievable shot to social media from every angle.

“He didn’t know that he made it until everyone started shouting,” said Shelia.

Immediately, all of the various videos were shared thousands of times. When it reached over 2 million shares ESPN picked it up and spread even further.

David has been bombarded with television news crews and national networks asking for interviews.

“I hope everyone is inspired to know they should never give up, despite setbacks,” said David.

Memorial Day was one of his better days. Often he is an inpatient at the local hospital so much that it becomes like a revolving door. In addition to his blindness, and diabetes, he also suffers from Gastro Paresis, a disease that keeps him in and out of the hospital.

Yet, on his worse days, David keeps a positive spirit and does as much for himself as possible. He is an accomplished organist, who in spite of blindness still plays at churches. He is also a Baptist minister who uses his disability to show the world that nothing is impossible for those who trust in God.

He says on those days when he is in pain and feeling low, the love and support of his family and friends has helped him to make it through.

Monday’s basketball shot that has been seen by millions is the greatest chance he’s ever had to witness to millions about the power of God.

He said listening to God’s voice, like the voice of his nephew under the goal, will direct each person’s life. David says, “All he wants for us to do is make our best shot and he will do the rest.”

It’s a 30-second sermon that has been seen and heard around the world.