Warrant sheds more light on Timothy Williams abuse case

More information about the alleged abuse of Timothy Williams has been revealed this week after documents under seal became public due to additional filings.

On July 15th, just a few days after Mayor Friday Ellis took office, the Monroe Police Department filed charges against one of its police officers, and suspended others, in connection with an alleged abuse of force against a homeless man, Timothy Williams. Although the incident happened on April 21st it did not come to light until July.

Mayor Ellis ordered an investigation into the accusations by Williams who claimed he was brutalized, kicked in the face, and injured while handcuffed by an officer.

The MPD filed charges against officer Jared Desadier in connection with the incident. However, the details that prompted the warrant were placed under seal by Judge Fred Ammons on the request of the MPD.

Wednesday, District Attorney Steve Tew’s office filed official supplemental documents in district court in connection with the case. Included among those filings was the warrant. These filings were not under court seal although the investigation is still incomplete on other officers.

The full warrant provides more detail about Williams’ arrest.

The following is the full text of the warrant filed by Detective James Schmitz on behalf of the Monroe Police Department accusing Desadier of one count of second-degree battery and one count of malfeasance in office, both felonies.

The Warrant

  “On 4-21-20, MPD officers began searching for an audible alarm in the 700 block of N. 4th Street. While in the area of the audible alarm, a MPD officer observed a male walking in the 400 block of N. 4th with a backpack. Due to the audible alarm in the area, the officer conducted a field interview with the subject carrying the backpack, who was identified as Timothy Williams. While conducting the field interview, Timothy Williams began to flee on foot from the scene. A short foot pursuit occurred, and Timothy was taken into custody.

   As a Monroe Police Department Officer gave chase, commands were given to Timothy to stop. Timothy did stop, lay on the ground, and place his hands behind his back.

   As Timothy lied in a prone position with his hands behind his back, Officer Jared Desadier came running up to Timothy and kicked Timothy in the head. Timothy began to yell as if he was in pain. Timothy remained in a prone position and appeared to be compliant with officers during the arrest. While lying in the prone position, it appears Officer Desadier kneed Timothy in the head. This incident was captured on body camera footage. Timothy was handcuffed and remained lying on the concrete when the body camera was turned away from Timothy.

  After the body camera was turned, a noise can be heard, and Timothy began to cry out. Officer Desadier then escorts Timothy to a Monroe Police Unit and slams Timothy onto the rear of the police car. Moments later, body camera footage would indicate Timothy’s face, which appeared to have been badly beaten. While at the scene, Timothy complained that he had been kicked the face, kneed in the face, beat-up, and his tooth had been knocked out.

   After this incident, Timothy can be seen falling to the ground and having what appeared to be a seizure. Timothy was treated by Acadian Ambulance employees. Timothy was transported to St. Francis hospital where he was treated and released. Timothy was booked into OCC.

   On 7-15-20, your Affiant spoke with Timothy regarding this incident. Timothy admitted to fleeing from officers during a field investigation on 4-21-20. Timothy stated he ran, but soon gave-up by laying on the ground with his hands behind his back. After surrendering to police, Timothy stated he was kicked in the face, and beaten after being placed in handcuffs.

   Timothy stated his tooth was knocked out as a result of the aforesaid battery. Timothy also had scarring on both eyes, his cheek, and forehead, which he said was caused from being beaten. Timothy, who does suffer from epilepsy, stated he was knocked unconscious by the aforesaid beating. Timothy said he did not have any injuries to his face prior to this incident. Officers observed that Timothy was missing a tooth.

Body camera footage does indicate Officer Jared Desadier acted without cause when he kicked Timothy in the face, kneed him in the head, and slammed him onto the police car. Timothy’s bloody face, missing tooth and scaring all indicate that he was beaten badly as a result of this incident. An arrest warrant is respectfully requested for Jared P. Desadier for 2nd-degree battery and malfeasance in office.