We first must educate, before we can eradicate racism… Confederacy

It is not only about slavery…It is also about treason!


Dear Editor,

In the State of Virginia and other southern states, there are Confederate Statues that are boldly displayed on public streets. Some may see it as a way to honor the dead of the Civil War. Yet, at the same time it only honored those who attacked our country.

Those who tried to destroy our constitution, demolish our government, steal half our country from us, and disdain our American flag by replacing it with a Confederate one. Faithful Americans, who fought against the confederacy, who gave up their lives, nearly 400,000 Union lives, fighting off the South from taking over our country. I ask you, should not they be the only ones that we honor? Do the people of Germany honor Hitler with Nazi statues? Nazi statues that looks down upon the Jewish people to remind them of the Holocaust and torment that they suffered.

Do you as an American feel it is right to have statues in this country that remind Black people of the cruelty and inhumanity that they suffered during over 200 years of Slavery? If we are going to display statues of those who attacked our country, should we not have one of Osama Bin Laden on the White House’s lawn? Osama attacked our country, but even he was not a traitor who attacked his own country. This is not only about Slavery, those who fought to keep Black people in chains, who were kidnapped, degraded and beaten to death by whips.

This is not about Black women who were forced to breed like animals against their will, while helplessly being sexually attacked by their slave master. No, this is about TREASON, and every true American, no matter Black or White, should be ashamed to allow statues of those who attacked our country be proudly displayed in the public streets of Virginia or any other state.

Gregory St. James Mundy