Well Known Pastor Rev. B.R. Butcher dies at 76

  One of the most well known and respected preachers of his generation died Saturday as his family and friends mourn his death.
 The Reverend Bennie R. Butcher, Sr., 76, died on Saturday, February 24 after a lengthy illness.
 The Reverend Butcher was well known in the Monroe community for his Bible knowledge, wisdom and preaching skills. He was one of the few ministers of his generation who actually had most of the Bible memorized.
  He pastored more than a dozen churches in his lifetime. He also wrote hundreds of sermon manuscripts as well as theme papers on theological issues that have been studied by young ministers in the Gospel.
  He was also a businessman who led his large family of eight children to develop a business instinct grounded in the word of God.
 He was living in Fort Worth, Texas at the time of his death.
 Funeral services were incomplete Sunday.